Career Counseling

When the students come to visit us then we make conversation, mentoring and counseling on the basis of their interest and ability. Our trained staffs identify the students’ professional goals, enabling them to take a wiser academic decision and gives one to one guidance to choose good fit course for their career or personal goals.

Admission Guidance

We guide the students for admission through offline and online process. We help you to prepare the required documents such as application form, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation and Sponsorship letter for the admission procedure. We pay high attention to make your application error free and well-presented. The Miracle team has regular follow-up with your chosen institution to update your admission status.

Finance Assistance

We assist you to prepare all the required financial documents for your chosen destination. We guide you for banking process, property valuation and all other required documents. Our service is quick and easy.

Pre-Departure Orientation

We conduct pre-departure orientation which provides information about flight booking, airport pick-ups, accommodation, insurance and medical provisions. We provide essential list of travel kits to the students. We also help you to connect with our past students who are currently studying in your chosen institution/country.

Visa Assistance

We provide counseling session about the latest visa rules and regulations about the students’ chosen destination. We help you to fill up visa application form, arrangement for interview appointment and filing up documents. We run regular visa interview classes from our experienced counselors.

Test Preparation

We identify the standardized test (IELTS/ TOEFL/ SAT/ GRE/ GMAT) requirements based on your personal interests, academic background, career aspirations and intended country then we advise you to take preparation classes to make you confident and qualified. Our decade experienced faculties are believed in hardworking and their devotion on make your score more impressive.

Scholarship Guidance

While you planning to study in abroad, you may have fear because of financial capacities. We help you to escape from this problem. There are many scholarship schemes available from the different sources like government agencies, colleges/universities and other funding organizations which help you to minimize your expenses and make your study more affordable. Scholarships are based on your chosen course, academic background and test score. Our team guides you to get good amount of scholarships available from different institutions.