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Entrance Preparation

What is Nursing?

Nursing is a highly regarded profession that provides service, which contributes to the health and well being of individual and society. Nursing care involves specialized skills and application of knowledge in helping individuals and groups to determine and achieve their physical, mental, social potential based on an education that has both theoretical and practical components. The roles of nurses’ encompass a wide range of activities from basic physical, mental social and spiritual care to the significant involvement in education, advance practice, research and management. A nurse requires both theoretical and practical competencies in order to perform these roles and functions effectively. Those competencies can only be acquired through the effective learning experience.

Scope of Nursing:

The scope of nursing is getting broader day by day nationally and internationally according to changing health needs of the society. Demand of well qualified nurses is growing everyday in Nepal and abroad. Increasing number of Hospital and nursing home inside the countries will create hundreds of vacancies each year.

Staff Nurse Entrance Preparation

Nursing has become a noble and highly challenging profession. Today it has become necessary to pass the competitive entrance exam to get admission in the nursing college because of the maximum demand of this field, and entrance preparation has become almost compulsory for everyone who likes to join staff nurses colleges. In order to make the students highly competitive, we have designed 3 months Staff Nurse Preparation Course. have designed 3 months Staff Nurse Preparation Course. Our highly qualified and experienced faculties mould the student’s mind until they could succeed in entrance exam conducted by reputed nursing college.


We provide scholarship up to 100% on the basis of merit and performance of the students in the Model Exam conducted by us every Saturday. We also provide certain facilities to the students of remote areas, backward and low socio-economic family and to the poor but keen and deserving students.